Register your team

Cup will register up to 96 teams. Its schedued to start 22 th of feb. Before we getting in to action, we need to see the interest. Here are some basic cup information.

Team Cup 4 vs 4
Length: approx 10 weeks
Team Mode (Rounds)
1 match a week
3 new maps every other week
Map Style: Tech and Speed tech maps
Map length: ~ 35-50s

Important news:

Participant fee: 2.000 coppers/team. Delivered to account (hotrods united acc): schirocco
Note: leave a message what team you paid for.

Confirmation of payment will be announced for each team before cup starts.

2 more things

1. Remember that you might have to confirm line up on your existing webpage.
2. You can register ONLY ONE guest player.

How to register

You can register your interest below to garantee your team a place in the cup.

1. Before register a your team you need a user account. Click here to create one
2. Register your team by replying to this message, and include:

Team Name:
Team Webpage or ESL page:
URL Team Logo for Avatar: (Optional)
Team Leader(s) name(s):
Team Leader(s) msn or email:
Team Line up (members with nick and logins):