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TMM WRC12 is a world record hunting cup thats kicked off when the first TMM TC12 map pack is released – 15th of february 2012. This cup is a perfect combination to TMM TC12, where team members and other solo players can participate. This cup awards top 10 times on TMM TC12 maps, during the time that the TMM TC12 map pack is valid (map packs are changed after 2 weeks). You need to upload your record time under the correct map on TM-Exchange (TMX).

Cup admin: Plaaz
Type: Solo Cup – Record Hunting
Starts 15th of feb 2012
Duration 10 weeks
Maps: TMM Team Cup 2012 maps
Maps change every two weeks
Cup Slots: unlimited

1st – 40.000 coppers
2nd – 20.000 coppers
3rd – 10.000 coppers

Participant fee:

How to register

You can register your interest below to garantee your team a place in the cup.

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2. Register by replying to this message, and include:

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